Written by Brenda McFarlane
Performed by Irene Sankoff*
Stage Managed by Sylvia Fisher*

A Canadian Actors’ Equity Association production under the Festival Policy

*Member of the Canadian Actors’ Equity Association

A portion of the box office proceeds will go to the Winnipeg Humane Society.

Special Thanks:

Celeste Sansregret
Astrid Van Weiren
Kevin Stratton
David Hein
Brian and Joan McFarlane
Jim Sankey
Brandi Alcock
Brenda Gorlick
Galaxy Printing Winnipeg
Hallie Clea Harris
Kerri Clarke
Lauren McFarlane
Melinda Talin
Newmarket Culture and Recreation
Steven Vande Vyvere
Social Capital Comedy Club (SoCap) Toronto
The Black Swan
Theresa Kowall-Ship
Tranquil Buzz Coffee House Silver City
Winnipeg Fringe
Winnipeg Humane Society
Ziryab’s Body Brew New Mexico

Buttercup and Westly